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Justice for Starlet Clark falsely accused of aggravated assault

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I am a mother of 11 children 10 living my 17 year old son was shot and killed by the family that's falsely accusing me of this charge I was assaulted by this family after calling the police police officer arrived as I called the family was jumping in their vehicles I pointed the vehicles out telling officer they had weapons at me and family officer let them go ,after police left he did not make sure we left safely they was able to come back with their weapons and started a brawl with their weapons I was jumped on me my elderly mother/family so they called police and made up story that I was the bad guy cas they know they was in the wrong I have did all I can running to the police and making reports on this family I have my kids and grandkids to live for this will affect me becoming a leader for mother's against gun violence I'm starting an organization for my son and helping my community and all around the state to help the youths to put these guns away my kids are all I have and I'm all they got you can look me up on Facebook Starlet Johnese Clark with survivors speak 2018 I'm not a violent person and I'm a grandmother of 8 and raising three plus my four year old daughter please sign this petition please and thank you kindly

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