Kami mahu SPR lebih adil di PRU14!

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Malaysians are going to vote a new Government this 9th of May 2018. The SPR (Election Commission) is actively trying to help the ruling coalition to retain its power. SPR should be neutral, but for the past one year, they have been involved in several shady and ridiculous actions which are undermining democracy and frustrating any challenges by the Opposition.

Among these are: 

1. Gerrymandering and bulldoze the re-delineation report

2. Decided on a Wednesday polling date with zero justification

3. Make up arbitrary rules about posters

4. Invite observers from questionable countries

5. Denying more reputable human rights group such as SUHAKAM to observe the elections.

6. Scandalous postal and overseas voting procedures

If we as the rakyat cannot and will not do anything about this, SPR and the ruling government will see this as an act of submission and apathy by the people itself. Hence, we must show our strength and unite in order not to let them bulldoze their way and destroy our democracy which had been fought by our founding fathers.

Sign this petition and together we can make a difference!

Thank you.