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A change in police arrest training, Bjj can save lives.

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There is a serious problem in police training, it is out dated, some times unsafe towards civilians and especially our unskilled officers, it is downright ineffective, countless videos are viral over social media showing the lack of skills officer said have against an uncomplying criminal, this has to stop, hitting someone countless times whilst screaming "get down" isn't working, bring in Gracie Jiu Jitsu into mandatory training! For those who've don't know, Gracie jiu jitsu is a high level self defence technique that even with a basic GST course officers will have uncomparable skills in distance management, controlling an angry suspect verbally, using body language to affectively calm, and skills to keep someone at bay on the ground without injuring them or themselves.

Gracie jiu jitsu is effective in the US and is making big in the U.K. It is a SAFE, effective way of controlling a person on the ground and keeping composure when arresting, it can and does save lives! You can look on YouTube "Gracie Police Training" to see how affective it is, our systems are out dated and it is embarrassingly unsafe to watch as a police officer struggles and agressively takes down suspects mostly hurting themselves, please sign this potition to see an active change in the safety of communities, arrests and your loved ones in the police force! Let's make our streets safer! 

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