Justice for Penny and Ron Jones MBE, foster carers to the Parsons Green Bomber

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We need justice for Penny and Ron Jones. They demand a apology and compensation from Surrey County Council. 

On the 15th Sept 2017 Ahmed Hassan left a bomb on the tube at Parsons Green station. A bomb he had built in his Foster Carers house. If the bomb had gone off in the house police told Penny & Ron that it would have destroyed the whole row of houses and killed all the occupants. As it was it exploded on the tube and caused burns and other severe injuries to many people. 

The next day armed police surrounded Penny & Ron’s home. They were told to leave the house immediately and not take anything. Penny recalls looking out of the window and seeing a masked man with a gun pointed towards her, with loud speakers declaring “Come out with your hands up, we have your house surrounded” 

Penny and Ron had fostered continually for 40 years for Surrey County Council, Penny has been awarded an MBE for their services to children, not only has the trauma had lasting emotional and physical effects on Penny and Ron, but they have also lost the one thing that defined their whole world...fostering, and in Penny’s words “it has destroyed our lives”.

Surrey County Council have taken no responsibility for Penny and Ron’s situation, despite the home office and internal reviews and government select committees placing the blame squarely their feet. They have hung them out to dry, no more fostering, no apology, no income, and worst still...they continued to bully, threaten them and isolate them from their friends and fostering community in Surrey by warning carers that they would be in trouble if they speak to them.

Surrey County Council knew that Ahmed Hassan was ‘trained to kill’ by ISIS yet hid this and presented him simply as a vulnerable young person traumatised by his experiences. It was well documented to Surrey County Council that he had revealed he was ‘trained to kill by ISIS’ in a asylum interview in Jan 2016 and was subject to a Prevent referral and became an active channel case. 

On 16th March 2018, Ahmed Hassan was convicted of multiple attempted murders. He was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 34 years.

They would still be fostering today, their passion and vocation for 40 years, if was not for the actions of Surrey County Council.

Surrey County Council are responsible for this. 

Sign this petition today...a petition for a full apology from Surrey County Council, an admission that they failed in their duty of care towards their valued Foster Carers, and compensation for the loss of their work, the trauma they have been through and the detriment to both their mental and physical health.


Please watch them on BBC news here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-44523156/bomber-s-foster-parents-say-they-were-failed