Transport to School for Hayden


Transport to School for Hayden

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Mike O'Grady started this petition to Surrey County Council

Hayden is a lovely 11 year old boy who has tuberous sclerosis which is a rare genetic condition that causes mainly non-cancerous (benign) tumours to develop in different parts of the body

The tumours most often affect the brain, skin, kidneys, heart, eyes and lungs. Hayden is also non-verbal, has a VNS implant and Gastrostomy peg.

Hayden currently attends the White lodge’s specialist play scheme TWINKS for young people considered to have the highest needs in Surrey. Hayden also has regular seizures which is heart-breaking to witness.  As a result Hayden needs to go to a school to meet his needs.

Up until now Surrey County Council has kindly provided transport to and from school for Hayden which has been a MASSIVE support to Hayden and his mother (Clare) who is constantly heartbroken by watching her son go through this, knowing he will never get better.  The transport to school has been a God send allowing Clare to have one less problem to worry about.

Back in September 2018 Clare began the process of choosing Haydens secondary school. her assigned case worker sent her a list of appropriate schools she could pick from.  Clare visited 4 of these schools.

From this list Clare choose 3 schools and at the top of the list was Portesbury and returned all the paperwork.

Her case worker then approached another school 'Walton Leigh' which although on the original list was NOT one of Clare's 3 preferences. Walton Leigh offered Hayden a place and when Clare argued that this was not one of her chosen schools, the case worker finally approached Portesbury who also gladly offered Hayden a place.

Clare was the pressured that if she should choose Portesbury over Walton Leigh then the council will not provide school transport as they (having never met Hayden) deemed Walton Leigh to be the closest suitable school (and as it is federated with his previous school it is also the cheaper option for the Council) despite Clare's wishes and protests that it is not closer.

Hayden is due to start Portesbury School in Deep Cut on 5th September but currently the County Council have carried out there threat and have withdrawn providing transport to get him there.

Clare has followed the Council's process of filling out the exception circumstances form for transport to be provided.  The case has been reviewed and the panel still refuses to overturn their original decision as they selected a school for Hayden that was not on his mothers application of schools and also can not meet his needs in the way Portesbury can.

This is very distressing for Clare and leaves Hayden with problems in how to get to school.

We would very much welcome your support as we try to overturn Surrey County Council's decision.  Hayden urgently needs your help as he is unable to speak for himself - Hayden has never spoke a word in his life.

Thank you for taking time to read this and thank you for your support.


This petition made change with 2,552 supporters!

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