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We are angry that our local area - BYFLEET VILLAGE and the surrounding is being used increasing for ILLEGAL FLY TIPPING- seemingly by the travelling community.  They enter our area, illegally, into either public or private land and then TIP TONS OF RUBBISH mainly from building or household clearances  (also an illegal activity) onto the land - with local police knowledge of it happening who appear to be powerless to do anything about it.  Sometimes they set fire to it.  We are left with large areas of mess and rubbish in our lovely village which then requires clearing by someone at an expense. This can take weeks/months to clear.  These people are seeming outside of the law, this has to change - the tipping is getting worse in this area in particular! We must be known to allow it to happen with no consequence for those involved in the activity. As a community we demand that this HAS TO BE DEALT WITH and STOPPED!! Both the Police and the local authority  - Woking Borough Council and Surrey County Council must do something about this disgraceful activity.  We live in a very caring community who love where we live and believe we deserve to be listened to and assisted with to prohibit this behaviour.