Bring WiFi back to Students' Phones at SCS Secondary

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WiFi connectivity has been completely cut off from phones and some laptops. We pay an expensive tuition and there are 3 WiFi networks available, yet none of them can be used for our phones. Even some some of the designated networks do not work at times.

Public schools have blazing fast, freely connectable WiFi. We do not.

Cutting off WiFi does not prevent students from going on their phones during class. It's just an inconvenience.

If a student does not have a laptop (ex. because it is broken) or forgot to bring their laptop to school, they have no option but to go to the computer lab, which many teachers feel uncomfortable with. With WiFi available on our phones, students could be more productive in class. In some cases, teachers require us to use our phones for classroom activities.

Expanding WiFi connectivity to phones would have a negligible effect on the current speed of our networks, as we are rarely using much bandwidth on more than one device at a time.

Students of SCS, I ask that you will join this cause to fight for our rights.