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These three caged bears are used by the owner of Ashtaraki Dzor restaurant in Armenia to attract visitors and tourists to the venue.

In spite of complaints from local animal lovers, he refuses to let us rescue them . He is fighting hard to hold on to the bears who have been robbed of their dignity, their freedom and their ability to express all natural wild bear behaviour. They should be roaming in the Armenian mountains, not locked in a cage so that visitors to the restaurant can laugh and poke fun at them.

Our petition aims to raise awareness of the miserable plight of these poor animals and put pressure on the owner to surrender them. Your signature really will make a difference.

Please help us set these helpless bears free. They are suffering mentally and physically from their imprisonment. The sight of their misery is heart-breaking. But once we have the go-ahead to rescue them, we can move them to our purpose-built rescue centre where they will be treated with compassion and respect. The expert team at our centre has a wealth of experience in the rehabilitation of rescued bears and will give them all the treatment and care they need to recover from their years in captivity.

These three beautiful bears are relying on the kindness of animal lovers like you to stand up and fight for them. Please don’t let them down.

Please sign the petition urging the owner of Ashtaraki Dzor Restaurant to surrender the bears to International Animal Rescue.

Thank you


International Animal Rescue launched its Great Bear Rescue campaign in November 2017 and has since rescued 23 caged bears from lives of mind-numbing boredom and frustration behind bars. Some of these bears will be candidates for reintroduction into protected areas of the Armenian countryside, while those that can no longer fend for themselves will be given lifelong care.

Support our Great Bear Rescue campaign here.

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