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Change Frimley Health Blood tests policy for Children - 7yrs is too young to be an adult

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The age of 7yrs is too young for children to wait over 1 hour for a blood test surrounded by adults. This is made worse by the fact there is no pain relief offered while blood is taken from their small veins and little arms as the Emla cream can only be used by trained medical staff.

The whole experience is terrifying for the child and not pleasant for the phlebotomists or other patients waiting for tests to witness a child so upset. This means the Trust is failing patients, staff, children and parents.

Many other NHS Trust have age 11 years for paediatric blood tests. However in this area  the ward is over stretched and cannot take all blood tests for children that are required so please put into place.

1 - Children - priority

There is currently no 'queue jumping' in place. . Please review so that children from age 7 - 11yrs can queue jump when they arrive. This allows parents to obtain the cream from the GP and to use before arrival. 

2 - Use of Emla Cream 'Magic cream' or spray

The use of Spray is not allowed to be used outside of the paediatric ward due to lack of training of the phlebotomists according to the Trust. This needs to be rectified - if they are trained to removed blood from such small veins they can apply a cream. The NHS Choices website refers to this cream being used, so not to be offered it is cruel to the child concerned.

The bottom line is that children have blood tests for a reason - when they are little it is already a worry without the trauma of the blood tests.

I am unsure how I will get my daughter to have further tests after the shambles or her last test. The first without the cream and she has had many over the years. No other child should be as upset as she was. For one child to go through that is one too many. 




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