Change the location of the Quay phone tower - Torquay

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Telstra have proposed building a 25.4 meter Network Base Station Tower in the Quay Reserve Torquay. This is a well established residential area. Many residence are against this and believe it should be moved to a less populated area.

What does a tower going in mean for you as a nearby resident?

  •  Health Risks for you and your family.
  •  Decrease in property value.
  •  Negative visual impact in well established area.
  •  Potential to be upgraded to a larger and more dominant tower in future.

Even though telecommunication companies will tell you that towers
are “safe”, the standards set and followed in Australia are far beneath that
of many other leading countries.
• Proposed site will not only affect health of residents, but also children
at the playground, on the oval and even people using the fitness stations.
• Local Real Estate agents have confirmed that nearby towers can
reduce property value and discourage buyers.
• The tower will create an eyesore for the neighbourhood, ruining what
is currently a well established landscape and recreational area.
• Phone reception in the area of the proposed tower is adequate. A more
appropriate location should be found away from residential homes.

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