To make 5 days Working a mandatory practice

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Working in a private sector always needs an extra effort from employees side. There are times we need to work extra hours from home and don't even get paid for it. Many a times we need to visit a doctor or get our vehicles serviced, which is really difficult to do as these services are not available on Sunday.

Technically we just get one day to rest, that's Sunday. But instead it turns out "The Day" to finish all the personal work, our groceries, our vehicle servicing(if available) and a lot more. The concept of having a rest day in a week is to relax and rejuvenate the mind to work at it's optimum capacity on Monday. Instead we feel tired on Monday and can not do our work properly in the office. Due to these things the efficiency of our working decreases and stress increases. So I feel that the government should make it a rule for all the companies to keep their working days to 5 Days a week.