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Seperate coaches in trains for female and male.

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Women-only passenger cars are railway or subway cars intended for women only. They are offered on some trains in Japan, India, Egypt, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. I want this to start in India as well. The increase in rape cases and assaults in crowded coaches has become common. Seperate female coaches in trains would ensure safety for women and leisure of travelling long distance without any fear. Also to protect the female passengers from harassment.

The coaches are usually packed. So much that you can smell the body odour of everyone around you. And imagine what happens when the train applies breaks. This is a very good opportunity for creepy men to try and grope women and act like it was the train's fault. Even in the absence of such creeps, people can fall on you accidentally. 

The ladies coach would be less crowded, and even when it is, it is less uncomfortable to be sandwiched between women than men.

Also, there are lower chances of strangers eavesdropping and following a girl from a train if she's travelling in the ladies coach.

So, the introduction of a female coach would take the safety (and comfort) of female travellers to another level.

The general coaches stink (especially in the evening) and the people there are staring at me ALL the time. Even when I'm not alone. 

Please support the petition for the security and comfort of all women in India. 


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