A daily train to Vijayawada which saves struggling from Hefty Bus Fares

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Myself belong to Andhra Pradesh and working in Bangalore. There are many people working in Bangalore or Mysore who belongs to places near Vijayawada.For most of the people parents and all the relatives stays in the hometown and we all have to travel many time to Vijayawada to attend the parents and family functions.

We all have a terrific problem of getting confirmed train reservation whenever we want to go to native or travel back to Bangalore. There is only one daily train which travels thru Vijayawada and ends at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh and one more train which runs for 3 days in a week(alternate days) and ends at Machilipatnam via Vijayawada.Rest all other trains passes thru Andhra Pradesh and ends in other states.

So all the trains which ends in other states are always reserved completely for next 120days(advance reservation opening day) till the final destination.So it is highly impossible for us to get the reservation for the stops like Vijayawada and other place which are in between the end destination of train.And the daily train which was mentioned above starts in odd time and reaches Vijayawada in midnight which is the major station where almost 60-70% people gets down and not convenient to the passengers.Even though the train will always be full and could not get the reservation if we don't plan early.

Normally journey time by train from Bangalore to Vijayawada or vice versa is around 14 hrs. The daily train or alternate day trains will leave banglore in the afternoon and the same trains reach bangalore in return journey also in the afternoon which will not useful for working class as they have to loose the whole day working due to odd hours.

As all the people are working class and wants to travel after working hours that is in the evening and reach Vijayawada in the morning which is convenient to all. Due to the reason of less trains and odd hours of trains 80% of people are forced to travel by private or government buses which are almost 2-3times more costlier than the train.An average of 50-60 buses travel between Bangalore and Vijayawada daily on regular days and on festival season more than 100 buses ply. By default on weekends(Friday to sunday) the operators have fixed the fares more than 50% compare to week days and for long holidays season and festival season the fares will be minimum of 4times to 6times of the regular day fare.

For aged people, pregnents and for the people who travels with infants and kids it is very difficult to travel by bus for such long hours of journey.

A small example of fare: For a sleeper class train the fare is around Rs.350/- where as for regular day the bus fare is around Rs.750/- and weekends will be min of Rs. 1200/- and festival days will be more than Rs.4000/- With this kind of charges if a family of 2-3members has to travel by bus then they have to shell out almost their monthly salary for one travel itself.

Because of this situation many people cancel to go to native for festivals and functions as the affordability issue to bear the bus fares.

Also as a standard there should be more connectivity between the state capitals. As Bangalore and Vijayawada(nearest to Amaravati new capital of Andhra Pradesh) both are the capitals of 2 different states, there must be more trains for ease of travel.

This problem will be almost solved by introducing only one daily train which leaves Bangalore in the evening and reaches Vijayawada in the morning or vice versa.Most of the people always plan the holidays in advance and by introducing this new train all can get confirmed tickets and for the people who have travel suddenly can still travel by buses which already travel mode presently.

I request the central rail minister and the respective zonal heads of railways to please make necessary provisions to introduce only one daily train which will ease the peoples difficulties.

I also request Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and respective ministers to understand the difficulties of the our state people who are struggling to travel to meet the parents and relatives who are in our state. I request you to please follow with the central ministry and see to introduce a daily train which will be a great help and make the travel more comfortable.