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Stop taking bribe in reservation coach of train during ticket checking by ticket collector

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Yesterday night(29-04-2017) me and my mother was travelling from howrah to dhanbad in train howrah - kalka express(12311). Due to urgency and lack of time i was unable to get reservation, so i went to general ticket counter and taken two ticket for dhanbad, the ticket clerk told me that you will have to take ticket upto rafikganj, i said whatever is the condition please give ticket. As my mother's was having ankle problem so i decided to go in sleeper coach(S-8). After sometime ticket collector came and asked ticket to me then i requested him please let me travel till dhanbad which was a total journey of approx 4hrs from howrah. He said get out of train otherwise i will through you out. After 2 station he again came back and said get out of this train then i told him that sir my mother's ankle is not in proper condition but he said whatever is the case. After sometime he came to me and asked 1000 rupees as a fine, i was ready to give whatever money i had in my wallet but he denied to take that as it was only 140 rupees. Then in asansol junction he used slang language to me & my mother and thrown me and mother out. After that we decided to go in general coach. After an hour we reached dhanbad at 11.30pm and searched that ticket collector and asked his name as it was not in his coat. He pushed me and slapped me then i got up and slapped him as well after few minutes one another person and one more ticket collector came and started beating to my friends due to which my friend nose started bleeding. They pushed us and closed the door of that coach. As the train already started i couldn't catched them. Then i wen to rail police station and reported a complaint.


I request you all to please provide your feedback and steps to stop these types of behaviour by ticket collector and also stop bribery which has become a huge source of black money for ticket collector. 

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