Implement UDAN Scheme with Max Cap of ₹5000 for Flight Fare of Agartala to Kolkata Route.

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Tripura is a Nort Eastern state with limited resources.
Residents of Tripura prefer to go out of state for most of the important things like Good Health Care, Higher Education, Jobs and Businesses.
Most of the Critical Patients are often referred to other states for treatment. Students are bound to go out of state for jobs as there are no big companies to offer jobs. Even for higher studies, students prefer to go in different metro cities.
For many years, the only transport options people have is Flight.
In last few year the state got connected via Railways. The travel time of train in around 38hours and also tickets needs to be purchased months back. So most of the frequent travellers, business man, patients prefer Flight.
For last few years there were multiple Airlines including Air India, Indigo, Spice jet, Jet Airways, Kingfisher etc.
But one after another everyone is suspending their operation in Tripura.
Currently there are only two Airlines: Indigo and Air India.
As there is complete monopoly, Indigo and Air India are charging heavily from Common People. Even 6000-8000 for a mere 45 minutes journey is not uncommon now.
This is a huge burden for all of the State. Critical Patients needs atleast 3-4 sests and they have no other option other than to pay huge flight fare. Students are facing problems at their Exam Time. Business people are not showing interest. And the tourism sector is affected heavily due to this scenario.

It is Very Much required to implement UDAN Scheme in this route. UDAN Scheme will impose a cap of Rs.2500for 50% Seats of the flights.
Also there should be a highest Cap of Rs.5000 for flights booked before 3-4 days.
The Government may also increase the number of Air India flights in the route.
Once the number of Air India flights will be increased, automatically the average flight fare will decrease.