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Clean Railway and Clean India

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Respected Railway Minister (Mr. Suresh Prabhu),

Government of India.
Last two week completely I was on travel with my wife. I visited many of the places and boarded in multiple trains of Indian railways.Here is my observation for all the class one Train of Indian Railways.The only purpose of writing this letter to you is a hope, that our railway will improve, India will improve and  I have faith on you.

Rajdhani Express (Delhi to Bangalore)(PNR N0:- 2229716695, TRAIN:-22692

 Good Points :-

1. This is the only train in which you could travel .Toilets were Clean, compartment was also clean , initially mosquitoes were in the compartment

but cleaning guys came and sprayed mosquito repellant (Allout) and after that it was ok.
Bad points:-

1. The only thing I didn’t like in this train is all the facility staff came and start asking for Bakshis. If someone is not willing to pay then they start arguing badly with the passenger.I also paid some amount because I don’t want to go in argument mode in front of my wife, because the facility guy don’t have limits of words. He can speak any thing.

 Duronto Express (Bangalore to New Delhi). PNR NO- 4542385167, TRAIN : 12213

Good points:-

 1. Sorry to say I don’t have Single good word for this train.

Bad points:-

1. I don’t know from where to start, let me start from toilets.

2. Toilets was full blocked , even no one like to enter the door.

3. Compartment was also not clean, bad smells are coming, rats are moving here and there inside the compartment.

4. AC was not even switch ON for atleast 3 to 4 hours continiously and then everyone started felling suffocation and my wife told me if AC will not start pull the chain I will get out of the train, then I went 8-9 buggies away with the attender of the compartment and strongly talked with the staff than only they started AC and some how we managed. It doesn’t mean they didn’t stop AC again. They did this act multiple time in 34 hours journey.

5. Food is so worst, it’s not eatable, only one bottle of water in 24 hours.

6. I didn’t like the facility staff coming and asking for Bakshis. If someone is not willing to pay they start arguing badly with the passenger.

Sree Shakti Express (Katra to  New Delhi). and DEE JAT  Express (New Delhi to Katra) PNR N0 : 2429939846 , 2710124146
Good points:-
1. Only AC compartment in the train no sleepers
Bad points:-
1. Worst Toilets, it’s looks like of English Time so dirty no one dare to enter in that.

2. Full of rats moving in side the compartment, I borrowed one upper seat from the co-passenger for my wife.

3. Again problem with AC no full time AC.

4. Not on time it’s reached late not much around half an hour it’s ok.
I think I had written enough about the train, few lines about swath Bharat

1. There is nothing like swatch Bharat, even in Delhi, Log Lota le k patry k kinare jate hi hain.
All are my observation I am not blaming any government we the people of India has also equal responsibility.But When we are paying high amounts for tickets, Honestly paying 30% tax from the hard earned money. Apart from this multiple different type of taxes.I think we have right to deserved something better.

 Jai Hind!

Divesh Pathak

Sonika kumari

Mb:- 9164355901



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