Remove Lahore Cheif Justice Sardar Muhammad Shamim Khan from the Court

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Why it is Important:

Sardar Muhammad Shamim Khan is a political judge, who is supporting openly by extending favors and giving decisions to save corrupt individuals directly & indirectly through their junior judges. Few case are as below:

1- Giving bail to Hamza Shahbaz on Sunday by abusing his power when his court was not legally eligible to listen to the petition but he not only listened the case on Weekend but also passed the verdict without listening the otjer party.

2- He was the referee judge who closed down the biggest scam of Money Laundering of Hadabiah Sugar Mill case, when he was again not eigible to listen to the case. This case was again against the same criminal party of sharif’s.

3- He has, using his influence in the same Lahore Highcourt has ssued the stay order to halt the investigation of 14 people murder case against the sharif family. 

4- His Highcourt again gave the stay order on the transfer of DSP’s in police officials as those were politically appointed by Sharif family.

How it will help Pakistan: 

if we are able to remove him, then it will set an example for those corrupt jduges who don’t respect their seat & use power to extend favors to specific individuals to oblige or get monetary benefits. It will also Help pakistan in making its institutions strong especially Judiciary to overcome its problem of impotency and hopefully will be start delivering.

it is a DO & DIE situation for Pakistan and judciary must be cleaned as well so it will be the first step towards clean & corruption free judiciary of Pakistan