Let justice be served

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So after going to court today we have had to walk out at the side of a 14 year old boy/creature as he walked away free after beating my mum up with a piece of wood with Nails sticking out of it leaving her scarred for life both physically and emotionally now afraid to leave her own home alone where she has lived for years ..I think this should of been attemted murder and all he got was 12 months youth offending and 36 hours community service not even a restraining order was put in place to offer my mum any sort of safety as he lives just 3 doors away. Its absolutely discusting he is now free to stand at my mums garden gate if he wanted too!!! We are going to appeal but the chances of anything more coming from this are slim. What kind of justice system allows this to happen?? Tried as an adult the sentence would be 10 years for this crime yet he gets a slap on the wrist. We need support on getting this scum bag put to proper justice. Any help, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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