Stop The Board Re-Examination for Class 12th Economics and Class 10th Mathematics Boards

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Just now, the news of the Re-Examination of Class 12th Economics and Class 10th Mathematics Board made headlines all across the country. The Board is of the view that this re-examination is being conducted in order to "uphold the sanctity of the Board Examinations" and is being conducted "in the interest of the fairness to the students", as the official announcement states. The dates of the re-examinations will be released in a week from now and we must do all we can do to stop it.

This decision of the Board is detrimental to the students of Class 12th, who will now have headed on with their entrance exam preparations. This also seems unfair to the Class 10th students as well, as they had just appeared after giving their Maths paper and were expecting good grades in return. This decision of the Board shall raise the stress and anxiety level of the students across the country, just because a bunch of morons decided to cheat their way through these papers, and because our Board was, shamefully must I add, incompetent enough to combat such a mishap. This hasn't happened for the first time, but the significance and the affect of it on the children is no less. Please sign this petition in order to stop these re-examinations and bring it to the notice of our lovely (sarcasm) Board that it wouldn't be unfair if the retests weren't conducted, it would, instead, be unfair if they were. And the millions of children across the country must not, shall not and WILL not bear the brunt of this injustice. Please do sign to help your friend, your child or your sibling. Your sign counts. Your sign will make a difference.