School Safety Training Not A Choice, But A Necessity!

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A child drowned in a water tank of school in Delhi about two years ago-30th Jan 2016

The terrifying incident that took the life of a 7-year-old kid in school is a grim reminder of the dangers that lurk for our children in schools and beyond.You can help us by signing this petition to ensure children grow up in a safer world.

These events are followed by the usual furor and outrage by parents and the authorities for several weeks.  And then, nothing changes. But it raises a bigger question—are children safe in their schools?

Parents strive to send their children to the best schools to give them a fighting chance at a bright future.  At home, they do everything to create a protective and safe environment.  However, children spend most of their time in school. Therefore ensuring that they are safe in school should be a top priority. Guaranteeing our children are safe in school is one of the top priorities of parents, teachers and school administration. Having students and staff trained in first aid not only boosts the safety of the entire school, but it also can be the difference between life and death in the event of a medical emergency.


Medical emergencies commonly arise from falls and injuries.  At some stage or the other, every child will face bullying or harassment that can leave a lasting imprint on their psyche. Sexual harassment goes unreported for years as often victims do not know how to recognize this abuse and are unsure what to do about it.Thousands of children suffer unnecessarily because there was no one to help in time. School safety training help students to reduce risk and empower them with the ability to assess and manage the situation.It is a fundamental right of a child to engage and study in an environment where he/she feels safe and is free from any form of physical or emotional abuse or harassment.

Safety training educates the school management and educators as to their responsibilities towards the safety of the children and compliance with local laws such as Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO).  The Supreme Court has issued guidelines for children’s safety in schools which need to be adhered to. School management also needs to be prepared with a safety blueprint for events such as a major fire, earthquake or a terrorist attack. In a country where you cannot expect to get an ambulance in 15 minutes, creating a health-aware population is critical. The best place to start is with our children. 


We hereby request the Supreme Court to make school safety training a mandatory program in schools so that the young boys and girls, men and women of our country are capable enough to save the lives when time is of the essence. It is our turn now to ensure that every teenager comes out of school equipped and empowered with life-saving skills. Let’s help make our children safe at school.

Please sign our petition to Supreme Court to make school safety training compulsory for all the schools.