Remove Caste Based Reservation in India!

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The fury of the Patidar movement in Gujarat has broadly elicited two types of responses. One, that reservation in government jobs and educational institutes should be based on economic criteria, not caste.

Idea might seem fascinating for a major of those who have been adversely affected by this undue advantage but wait. The hard truth of my nation is that we are still lacking on providing even the basic necessities to major of our population. In this scene, if we remove the reservation completely, we are opening up the ways to exploit them by the existing clergy men irrespective of the caste and the creed. What then? Are we heading back to the idea of reservation? Yes, indeed. But to the basic idea of the reservation which was put on the floor by the wise men who sat down to write the Indian constitution. They planned on providing a fair chance to underprivileged and thus, what we require at the moment is the reservation but on the economical basis. It is the time when we adopt our brothers and take our human friends irrespective of the caste and accept them in their forms sitting next to us.

Reservations based upon the economic status and the change of the mindset is the key to the betterment and to settle the future of the nation.