Real Estate Mafia in Gurgaon

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For a common man it is a dream come true to be able to buy his/her own home. But unfair practices by builders and real estate developers have led to this dream turning into a nightmare. Not only are buyers left feeling anguished and cheated but also very conveniently taken advantage of by these builders.

Wrt Residential project The Corridors in Sector 67A, Gurgaon by M/S. Ireo Grace Realtech Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon. 

In tower D 4 nearly 25 percent payment has already been collected but construction has not started at all even after 4 years. Helpless we filed a case in NCDRC which was known to settle cases filed within a years time. Unfortunately to my dismay it has been more than 16 months and again the case has been postponed by another 6 months. 

The number of defaults committed by the builders are too many to be listed down. In-spite of paying a high price, the buyers are forced to silently endure unfair practices by the builders. Any resistance to such dominance by the builder is thwarted down mercilessly by the builders enjoying a dominant position in the market. In some cases the builders threaten the resisting buyers to submission and make them helpless.

The money invested for this flat is our hard earned money but builders have taken a long ride on it. We therefore request you to address this problem under the direct supervision of your office and get us and many of our citizen’s relief from the MAFIA of Real Estate Builders of India.

We appeal to the Supreme Court of India to award suitable compensation to the aggrieved buyers who have invested their life savings and in some cases have taken loan to buy their dream house.

Also to award strict punishment to such builders who swindle hard earned money of honest buyers so that it becomes a deterrent for others as well.