Raising our collective voices against minor rape in India

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So many of us open the newspaper every morning, we browse through the news articles maybe on our mobile phones. We go through pieces of news, we read them but do we ever really dissect each and every one of them? Or any one of them for that matter? Almost everyday there's a news item reporting a rape, and more often than not, the rape victim is a minor.

What drives a human to such inhuman treatment of a mere child? And what's really scary is that according to the experts in the field of mental health and child abuse, perpetrators are like any of us and they are living in our homes.

1.6 in 100,000 minors – are raped each year in India. Among these, victims who do report the assaults are alleged to suffer mistreatment and humiliation from the police. Minor girls are trafficked into prostitution in India, thus rape of minors conflates into a lifetime of suffering. Of the countries studied by Maplecrofton sex trafficking and crime against minors, India was ranked 7th worst.

As details of Asifa's case, a child of mere 8 years of age, gruesome details started to stream in through the social media, it made one's hair stand on end.

Even as the country reeled from the brutality of the two rapes in Unnao and Kathua, another incident was reported from Gujarat's Surat where a minor girl was raped, killed and left in a cricket field near the city's Bhestan area.

So, let's not just sign a petition for one of these victims. Let us raise our voice in unison against all the minor rape cases across the country, the ones that go unreported and the ones that go on and on for years in the court.