Raise your Voice against Domestic violence

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Domestic violence has been a concern in India and over the world for many years now. But unfortunately nothing has stopped the crime and even the number is increasing every year .
According to a new report of United Nations the dangerous place for women worldwide is their own home. I saw a number of videos going viral on Facebook , women confessing about going through domestic violence or just a video of a woman being brutally abused by husband or in laws. I'm so disturbed and shocked to see the condition of a few who were literally struggling in hospital fighting with death . It's terrible that WHO has reported this year that 35% women Worldwide face physical and mental torture in the hands of their partners . 

In 2020 specially with the lockdown the number of complaints of Domestic violence rose by 53% from March 23 - 1st April. Here's a report collected from NWC - 270 cases in January, 302 cases in February and 302 cases March. And there are many cases go unreported and also police don't take complaints as I became aware from some videos where a woman was claiming she went to police station a number of times but they put a deaf ear towards her. Government along with Supreme court should regulate these laws. Laws -indian-women-must-know

According to the protection-women-indian-From Domestic violence Act, 2005 " is that it's the duty of police officers and protectionist officers to let the victim know - a) her right to make an application for obtaining a relief by way of a protection order, an order for monetary relief, a custody order, a residence order or more than one such order under this Act .

b) availability of services from Service providers.
C) her right to free legal services.
A aggrieved person also get medical facilities if a Protectionist officer requests a person in charge of medical facility. But none of these are implemented or conveyed in reality and the condition is worse. 

Above all the procedure to Obtain these Orders of Reliefs is very complex and troublesome which needs to be changed and looked after at. Sign this petition for all the ladies facing physical violence and emotional trauma. Don't make it normalize I beg and sign me this petition so that we can reach the government and draw their attention to this. Please sign my petition and be the voice of those who need you.