RAGA please fund loan waivers from your party funds & not from our hard earned money

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These days unfortunately political parties are every day competing to reach a new low. We have witnessed this during recent elections in 3 states where INC president RAGA promised farm loan waiver iin 10 days if elected to power. Our narrow & self minded citizens who care damn about our nation immediately grabbed the opportunity to get easy money & voted for the corrupt party only out of greed,. However, who is RAGA to distribute freebies out of tax payers money ? It is we the people of india who pay tax honestly by forgiving many luxuries so that our nation progresses are deeply hurt when such a nonsensical act is forced upon us .

We must unite & force the government & request supreme court to suo moto take cognisance of the matter & direct the political parties to fulfill their corrupt promises by funding such freebies out of their party funds & not from our money.

Also does it not violation of code of conduct to bribe the voters & buy their vote using corrupt practices ? If we the ordinary citizens do such act then we will be prosecuted under penal code.

Our election commission must debare such political parties who resort to such corrupt practices. I urge all nation loving & patriotic citizens of this great nation to raise this issue & support my petirionpso that it reaches the desired level & force bring the change before lok sabha election.