Punishment for Pollachi Rapists

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I hope that people would  have come across the news of Pollachi issue where more than 250 girls are victim of these monsters.

Why Indian government does not have the speedy trial for rape as other countries possess?   Why alone in India the crime against women are increasing?   The reason is no stringent action against the culprits of rape.   

For 7 long years they have been doing this ruthless crime against girls. No political background support should be the reason for the culprits to come out the case easily. 

Why are girls are silent? It is because of our society, they fear victim shaming and the society is best in doing victim shaming.  Stopping victim shaming will give the courage to the girls to complain against these womanizer.   

I want a change in the society which does not do victim shaming and gives courage to the victim to come up against these culprits.

There should be a change in law for rape crimes.  It should not be discriminated for poor and rich it should be equal for each and every one .


I want people to give there opinion for the punishment which should make others think twice before even laying a hand on a girl or women without there consent.


A fast trial should be set up as early as possible in this particular case so that the culprits does not come out easily.


I want you (people) to come in support of the victims and voice your opinion and punishment for the rapists.


Thanks and regards

Indian Citizen