Politicians also to pay taxes

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From years the politicians are kept away from taxes, though they use the same resources as we do. The employees of other government organisations come under the tax bracket then why not the politicians.

We want the politicians to come under the same tax bracket as a normal Indian citizen and the politicians or their family members should not be allowed to open a business. They being in a commanding position pull in more power and open up new business. Their primary role is to provide the citizens of India with basic needs and developments of the rural areas and not open their own business.

The Supreme Court should pass a regulation where the politicians come under the normal tax brackets as we do, stop their subsidies and conduct a audit of all the politicians of their declared assets when they joined politics and the current position. 

The administration in India needs to be strong. Since 60 years India is still a developing country and this is surely because of poor administration and the laws which revolve around the politicians and not the country.