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This Needs to Be Looked At and We need to Focus On The Facts. Ronald J Lee Needs Fair Trial

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My brother Ronald J Lee was found guilty of a Crime he did not commit. He received 80 years for a case that should have been a stand your ground case. All witnesses confirmed this statement. Plenty of stories we have seen like these where the inmate is considered adjudicated guilty at the time. I know the law pull shoot kill so many years. However, for the crime second degree attempted Murder where a witness says it was never meant to kill them this needs to be looked at. I will fight and won't stop. Time served. It starts in the court room and ends with us.  A state Attorney/ procecutor named Jason Pizzo should be investigated for the crimes he helped commit during the trial, such as scaring witnesses off. Where witness statements were recorded on record in court about why they were not coming forward.  Not to mention showing complete disrespect to the courtroom rules. Threatening the Defense attorney. Which also led to make a witness lie through fear. Which later was corrected. My brother Ronald the Apelleant at the time was kicked out of the courtroom instead of exercising his rights to self control. Understandably so he was upset.  Never having the chance to confront his accusers.The Judge Christina Miranda should be looked into for her total disregard of couroom rules.  Objections from defense was over 200 and only ruled favorably 15 times versus the prosecution. We have to stop this injustice from happening to anyone. White black or spanish. This is unconstitutional. We need to get this looked at and get a father back to his children. He was standing up for his rights as a group of men tried to attack him when approached. He has a gun license and didn't shoot to kill. He is a security guard a truck driver and a bouncer. These things always happen to men and women of this field and race. However, when backed into a corner where his child and Mother of his child were in danger. Could we blame him? What would you have do? What would you do? I know something needs to be checked out and looked into. He is 36 years old and already did 3 years for a crime he is accused of, when all witnesses came forth and said what each of them had done, and that Ronald was protecting his Family the Judge Christina Miranda threw the book at him. Now placed my brother like many others in Prison, just for them to get in as a Number. Though, the prosecutor Jason pizzo need to be looked at for this. I wonder will he be looked at? How many more inmates will go unnoticed? How many people have to be done like this? We need to watch who we elect. We place trust in you all to help and uphold the law. The right to abuse our a family and friends is not right. GOD HELP US ALL FOR THESE PROBLEMS WITH OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM.  WE DEMAND ANSWERS. WE DEMAND TO BE TREATED EQUAL. PLEASE HELP.

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