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Nullify 2016 Presidential General Election Results

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The 2016 Election was the most divisive and hateful election this country has ever seen.  Mainly because of one man,  Donald J. Trump. This petition calls for the nullification of the 2016 Presidential Election due to the very high possibility the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to tamper with election results.  This petition calls for the nullification of the 2016 Presidential Election due to the fact a nominee of a major party has possibly committed treason along with many members of is staff, family and cabinet.  This petition is calling for nullification of the 2016 Presidential Election because the American people have the right to request a 'do over' because there is a black cloud hanging over our country and our freedoms.  The American people deserve a Commander-in-Chief who is not indebted to a foreign power, not looking to make billions for their family, someone who isn't a consummate liar, someone who doesn't insult visiting foreign dignitaries, someone who does not want to do harm to the poor and disadvantaged, a person who does not practice blatant nepotism and someone who, at least, the majority of Americans can respect. The House of Trump is filled with people who have ties to Russia and    Our very freedom is at stake.

However, the most troubling is Trump's relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin.  Donald Trump refused to release his taxes and one wonder's if he failed to release them because the American people would see just how much Trump (and his family) is involved with Russia.  Trump's praise of dictator's is alarming and his twitter attack's and rant's on average citizen's is alarming and revolting.  Donald Trump is setting America up to be reviled by every country America interacts and he has put America in a very dangerous position.  We as American citizens must continue to resist and push back.  Nullifying the 2016 election results is the best way to do it.  Impeachment is fine but America will still have people in place with Russian ties and it is up to us, Americans who care about freedom and democracy to 'DRAIN THE SWAMP'.  It is up to us to tell the House of Trump he is not only UNqualified but his campaigns interactions with a foreign government was treasonous and very UN-American.  It is up to us, the American people to show Donald Trump what the American flag stands for.

The Supreme Court must intervene and nullify the 2016 election results and order a new election.  We must have an election that is free of scandal or outside foreign influence.  We must elect a President who has the good of the country as number one on their list.  We must have an administration that does not have Russian baggage and Cabinet members who actually know what they're doing and have the country's best interest at heart. The American people deserve a new election and the media must get behind nullification. If the 2016 Presidential election was tampered with in ANY way, a NEW election must be granted.  Our democracy and who we are as a great nation is at stake if we let this slide.  This is the United States of America and we ARE a great nation.

Thank you.

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