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The Supreme Court trampled on the Philippine Constitution and betrayed its primary duty to the Filipino people when it violated Chief Justice Ma Lourdes Sereno’s right to due process.

The Supreme Court abandoned its chief mandate to ensure an independent judiciary by accepting a bankrupt Quo Warranto petition and refusing to inhibit five openly biased Justices.

The Judiciary’s Code of Conduct decrees resistance against attempts to subvert judicial independence. It orders judges to be impartial. The five justices bowed to Congress’ impeachment summons. They attacked the Chief Justice in proceedings that refused her right to question accusers. Doing so, they prejudged the Chief Justice and betrayed the Court’s position as a co-equal branch of government .

We repudiate as illegal a ruling tainted with these shameful acts.

The Quo Warranto action against CJ Sereno, filed beyond the one-year deadline, is itself illegal and unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has affirmed many times that impeachment is the only mode for removing an impeachable officer.

In accepting this farcical petition, it crushes constitutional checks and balances. It threatens every Filipino citizen’s right to a free, impartial justice system.

The State derives its power from the people. When the key instruments of the State conspire to subvert the Constitution and democracy, the people must rise as the last bastion of our rights and freedoms.

We challenge the Supreme Court: Pull back from the brink. Do not be a party to the death of judicial independence. Heed the Constitution. Obey the Code of Judicial Conduct. Compel the inhibition of the Biased Justices. Dismiss the illegal Quo Warranto petition!

If the Biased Justices will not inhibit, then we call on them to resign. The people will not accept any Decision tainted by gross injustice and Justices who cannot act with justice.


*Behind this petition is the broadest alliance of pro-democracy forces in the Philippines today. The group is committed to restoring truth, righteousness and genuine justice to the country.