AN OPEN APPEAL TO THE SUPREME COURT: Dismiss the Quo Warranto Petition

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                      AN OPEN APPEAL TO THE SUPREME COURT:
                               Dismiss the Quo Warranto Petition

"Of what use are all the codes in the world, if by means of confidential reports, if for trifling reasons, if through anonymous traitors any honest citizen may be exiled or banished without a hearing, without a trial?" - Jose Rizal

The Constitution and the Judiciary, with the Supreme Court, exist to protect the rights of those who are poor, weak, and powerless, and to exact responsibility for the common good. Without the stability and security they provide, our country would plunge into chaos.

The Constitution provides that Justices of the Supreme Court are to be held accountable through the mechanism of impeachment, which has already been set in motion by the House of Representatives. And yet inexplicably, there have been calls for the Chief Justice to resign notwithstanding the impeachment proceedings. Moreover, the Solicitor-General has filed a Quo Warranto petition with the Supreme

The Quo Warranto petition against the Chief Justice is a brazen violation of the Constitution and the rule of law, and a threat to the credibility of the Supreme Court as an institution. Why would the Solicitor-General endorse such an action? It could only mean that the impeachment case against the Chief Justice is weak and will wither under the scrutiny of the Senate.

The Quo Warranto petition is politically motivated, malicious, wasteful, and unlawful. It trivializes the power of the Senate and squanders taxpayers’ money. Assuming jurisdiction over this case would erode the credibility of the Supreme Court and threaten its very foundations as an institution.

We therefore appeal to the Supreme Court to do the right thing. Uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. Dismiss this insidious case and allow the Senate to exercise its constitutionally mandated duty. Let the impeachment proceedings take their lawful course. Resist all efforts aimed at weakening our democratic institutions and forcing them into capitulation.

We entreat Chief Justice Sereno to stand her ground and keep the faith. We believe in her fight for justice and democracy.

In the end, we hope and trust that the Supreme Court and the Senate will prove themselves worthy champions of our Constitution.