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But you are a DOCTOR !

NO ! WE ARE HUMANS TOO !!! OUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH IS NOT A JOKE .Countless entrance exams , some other worldly merit because of a failed system and now another torturous exam to prove our worth ? For what ? To be beaten up in the corridors ? LISTEN ! WE'RE HUMANS TOO . Making the process harder will only make quiting easier for us . None of us will appear in NLE then you can certify your ownselves . And by no means is this a threat . We live in an era where we have seen kids as young as 12 changing the worlds view on a certain topic by logically proving themselves to be right . So we can too . Today all future doctors promise as a UNIT that we by no means will give NLE after a 5 year long arduous journey through med school . This policy isn't anyone else's decision to make for us . Specially when 90% of us are voting against it . WE SAY NO TO NLE.

We request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to undo this ruling as soon as possible !