Old nomination form for election candidates be reinstated

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Pakistan needs Honest leadership in the parliament. For this it is critical that the candidates for elections must declare their assets, nationalities and other important information asked in the nomination papers as required by article 62 & 63 of the constitution.

As concerned and affected citizens and voters, we beg the Supreme Court of Pakistan to protect our fundamental right to free and fair elections by requiring all candidates to file full information and disclosure as required in the 2013 elections rules and enumerated in the LHC Judgement of Justice Ayesha A. Malik in the nomination forms of candidate. Her ruling reflects our concerns because in a self serving legislation parliament had recently mutilated the information and declaratory requirements of aspiring candidates to protect and promote their self-serving interests, thereby denying us basic information about their incomes and assets and those of their immediate family members.

We regard the transparent availability of this information our fundamental right to enable us to make an informed assessment of the credibility and integrity of those soliciting our vote, to help achieve the overarching objective of a free and fair election. The LHC ruling that gave us back this right should not be overturned.

We believe that the LHC ruling should be upheld. This correction should not become a pretext for delaying the polls. The forms need immediate rectification, an action that should not in any way encumber the timely accomplishment of the election process. The revised form can be uploaded on the ECP website in no time and candidates can download them, which should not lead to any delay in the timetable. The frenzy being created by some political parties about a possible delay is a bogus smokescreen to protect some of their candidates with potential dubious credentials.