#JusticeForUzma ! : Justice Must Be Served on the Murderers of Uzma.

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On the evening of the 30th of January, a video was sent to our groupchat, i clicked on the video, the video showed two images, the image of a beautiful girl smiling in a picture and the other picture another girl in a horrible state of abuse, seemed starved, had so many marks of abuse and torture, they were they same girl, the before and after. Then after i saw another video of the girl, sitting with no stamina, full of marks, this girl was destroyed, someone had destroyed her.

This is the Story of Uzma, a 15 or 16 years old girl from Pakistan, who used to be a maid in the household of the Family Mahrukh (The Mother), Uzma was massively mistreated, abused and tortured in horrible inhumane ways for 8 months.

Uzma was deprived of food for long time and she was often starved as punishment for Allah knows what crimes, she was made to sleep in the washroom next to the WC, they would ask her to tedious tasks..whilst being starved, undernourished, abused, tortured, the whole day for the next day to be same.

One day Uzma dared the crime of taking a little bite (one bite) from the youngest daughter (Muntaha Naeem)’s plate. They recorded her while taking that bite. Guess what happened right after that, Mahrukh, the mother of these two girls, Aima and Muntaha, took a spade and hit it on the head of Uzma so hard that she bled to death.. and died instantly. The following of this is script you’re reading is horrific, the witch named ‘Mahrukh’ did something unthinkable and atrocious :

She electrocuted Uzma’s dead body to try to re-animate her. Yes you did read well, Mahrukh electrocuted the body of Uzma after murdering her instead of getting her to the hospital or calling the ambulance for an urgence and using a defibrillator, instead Mahkrukh electrocuted the dead body of a 15 years old girl she abused and tortured for months.

When they realized it would not work they took her dead corpse and put it in the boot, her body was then dumped in the drain, the police later found her body 3 days after, in a such horrible state.

The Family of Uzma claims that Uzma had several fractured bones and there were wounds all over her face and chest.

It is also said that Uzma’s tongue was cut. By the way Uzma’s mouth and chin’s skin was cut letting us seeing her teeth till her chin without the skin, Allah Forbid.

It is said by the neighbors of the family of Mahrukh who got arrested, that the family of Mahrukh used to have an habit of beating their old maids too. Their behavior is not recent, it is a habit, in other words : a long term recurrent crime and a vicious circle.

An investigation has been carried out on this case and the Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari of Pakistan took immediate notice of this situation, and the three accused women have been arrested and FIR against them under section 302 of PPC charged with murder.

According to the investigation of Shazia Sarwar, Mahrukh did not allowed the little girl to meet her family for months, later they told her family that Uzma has stolen jewelry and vanished, which is obviously a lie.

It is also said that when the parents would come to visit, the Family of Mahrukh would tell the parents that Uzma went for vacations when Uzma would be right behind the door, unrecognizable because of her wounds..

This story is one of the most insane, psychopathic, crazy, atrocious story i have heard. And hasn’t made it to News channels and newspapers and Mainstream Media. That story is atrocious and needs coverings and need to be spoken upon and needs to go viral. How can one get away with a insane murder like this by just getting arrested without bringing their names and faces to the Supreme Court of Pakistan?!

These women and their accomplices who they might be trying to hide have to all go to the supreme Court of Pakistan and deserves public shaming. Putting them behind bars temporarily, making a quick and rapid investigation so that people forget about this story and class this affair, this time will not happen, Zainab, Asifa, Noura, Uzma and all the others girls and boys, and women and men living in pain right now or have killed theirselves because of unbearable situations, or have been murdered secretly without the public’s mention and awareness, all of them, their name shall be remembered today.

We demand the affair and the case of Uzma to be brought to the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan to have a speech on a new law in Pakistan against Child Labor and Abuse and Torture and against rape.

And more importantly, we demand the JUSTICE ON THE NAME OF UZMA!

And starting from today, her name shall be FOREVER remembered.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.

M‎ay Allah the All Mighty grant you the highest level of Jannah [Paradise], Al Firdaws and May Allah forgive you for all your sins and reward you for all you good deeds, ameen, your name shall be remembered Uzma.