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Introduce NADRA based BioMetric System for Transparent General Elections in Pakistan 2018

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Supreme Court of Pakistan
President of Pakistan
Election Commission Pakistan
Supreme Bar Council of Pakistan

Every Pakistani wants democracy to flourish and establish strong roots in Pakistan. Where the constitution is supreme and all its citizens are equal under the law of the land.

  It is therefore important that the representatives elected in the Pakistani parliament are elected based on fair and transparent elections. 

Numerous times we Pakistanis have seen that the elections are hijacked under pressure and coercion by the powerful and the influential. The presiding officers and elections officers are threatened to cast fraudulent bogus votes. Supreme court of Pakistan and the media of Pakistan are testament to this unfairness that took place during 2013 General Elections.

  Therefore, we Pakistanis demand that we want to exercise our right to elect parliamentarians using electronic methods, where we will know that our votes are registered fairly and transparently.

   We request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to ask Election Commission Pakistan ECP to work with NADRA Pakistan to introduce Electronic Ballot System where every Pakistani can swipe their their machine readable identity Card and put their thump impression for recognition as a two form identities for authenticity, before casting a ballot. This system was already tested successfully, therefore, its implementation should not take a long time.

  Secondly, the same right should be given to Overseas Pakistanis since they remit $20 Billion to Pakistan every year, contributing the highest in Pakistani foreign exchange.

  These two measures are important for Pakistan to emerge as a one of the strongest democracies in the world, where the foundation of democracy is based on fair and transparent elections.

  If this demand is not accepted then we Pakistanis want the Supreme Court to postpone the elections till these measures are implemented.

  Yours Sincerely,
  Every Concerned Pakistani


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