Don't buy national buntings,PLANT trees this time on Pak Independence Day 2 make it green.

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Rising temperatures, dust storms, continuous decrease in water level, insufficient  rain showers, barren land (which was once fertile) , drought and then floods (just due to Indian henious acts of building dams on country's waters and then leaving excessive amount resulting in floods)urged to start  this compaign.We must know that Germans have been celebrating national festival of trees since 1952. In Israel, the Jewish calendar has set aside the 19th day of January as festival of the trees. In Japan, the national tree festival is celebrated in the first week of April, known as ‘Greening Week’. Sweden has already plentiful of forests and the ‘Week of Forest’ is celebrated to remind people of their obligation to the spread of forest. Similarly, India annually celebrates a tree festival called ‘Vana Mahot Sava’ on a very large scale. Although in Pakistan our forest department is doing its best to spread greenery, this dream of a ‘Green Pakistan’ can come true only when all segments of society — Our Government institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities, NGOs, activists, Forest department and above all we, the citizens, the people of Pakistan should  join hands to make this campaign a success. Pakistan has only 5% area under forest. But no worries because after suffering greatly from deforestation the Chinese started planting trees in 1957. Now ‘Great Green Wall’ is a huge shelter belt extending over 1.6m hectares and is serving as a barrier against the Gobi desert. This is a living example for Pakistan. Independence Day is now the time for us to be united. We should plant trees instead of decorating our houses with buntings and lights and this way the country will be green for  hundreds of years to come.Come on you can do it. Time to act now !!!