Persuade SCP to form a Committee for Pakistan Diamer Basha & Mohmand Dam Fund Donation

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Supreme Court of Pakistan's 'PRESS RELEASE' dated July 13, 2018 is an excellent step to tackle the water crisis prevalent in Pakistan today, and we Pakistani's are glad that SCP has taken such an initiative.

I,myself am willing to contribute the said amount of Rs. 10 through mobile sms (the said procedure). However, whether it be a small amount of Rs. 10 or an amount as big as Rs. 1000, every Pakistani expects their hard-earned money to be utilized for the said cause and knowledge that our money is in good hands will definitely translate into greater confidence among the people of Pakistan to donate more, for such causes. We want to clarify that this is not an issue of trust on our part but rather a matter of re-assurance and confidence that we Pakistanis' need, in order to contribute to such worthy causes.

Therefore, it is the collective humble request of all Pakistanis' to the Supreme Court of Pakistan that it takes relevant action in order to form a Committee which carries out a check and balance in relation to the money donated by Pakistan's citizens. The basic responsibilities of this Committee should preferrably be:

-keeping a strict account of all the incoming and outgoing of donations

-calculating how much money is collected and over what time period (e.g. July, December)

-Letting the citizens know (through any media forum which they prefer) how their money is being utilized through visible results.

Join me in this petition, so that we can donate for this cause with even a more open heart without worrying whether or not our money is/will be used for the right cause.