Suprem Court Must Take Sou Motou Action against Land Grabbing in District Malir Karachi...

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Writ petition u/s 199 against illegal land grabing by land grabbers, land grabbing by Industrialists in District Malir especially in Bin Qasim Town.

1)- That Your trust worthy authorities are requested to consider this important issue of land grabbing inSub Division Bin Qasim, District Malir Karachi by land grabbing mafia.

2)- That land grabing mafia has been overcomed with the support of local police, revenue elements, some political black sheeps to occupy the land for ploting purpose.

3)- The land grabbing mafia elements who used to ride on biscyles, and now after land grabbing they are millionaires and bcame rich by illegal ploting on state land.

4)- That couple of times numbers of application were moved to District Council Chairman, Assistant Commissioner Bin Qasim, Deputy Commissioner Malir, Commissioner Karachi, concerend secretries of the departments, but no any meaning full action was taken from the authorities.

5)- That not only illegal ploting mafia is active but along with it, lot of industrialists are doing the same above action that they are constucting factories on state land illegaly & fraudulently.

6)- That Lot of Industries such Cement Industries like Dewan Cement Ltd at Union Council Ghaghar-17 etc are not alloted specific land in specific Deh, but factories are constructed illegally, fraudulently on thousands of acres which have no such documented proof that shows the legality.

7)- That the Dewan Cement Ltd is taking mining material such as Clay, Lime Stone etc for production of cement from the state & private land of villagers by forcely and with the support of local police station.

8)- That the Dewan Cement Ltd has no such legal documents of mining lease of Deh Dhando & Deh Ghaghar, but the factory administrition is  taking, heavy blasting, diging, illegaly which is the huge violation of law.

9)- That the Dewan Cement Ltd owner & the managment are not law abiding citizens of Pakistan who are makig a huge violation of the law.

10)- That not only this act of illegal land utilization by administrition, but the administrion is doing unjustice with its locality that they are not hiring, recruiting local candidates for jobs, but all of responsible Managers & Directors are adopted the policy of favortism since from the begning to till date.

11)- That the administrition is earning illegal money by awarding different contracts of manpower, clay material supply to its own favoritized employees and taking their own shares from the earning.

12)- That the Dewan Cement Ltd is violating the laws of Envoirment by spreading pollusions, chemical dust in a huge quantity to the environment, so for due the this effect all of agricultural developments, forest developments, public health developments have been totallt disastered, and local villagers are facing a big issue of genocide by affect of environment.

13)- That the heavy blasting conducted by Dewan Cement Ltd for mining purpose has damaged totally the houses, buildings, mosques, schools etc.


1)- Meaningful hard actions to be taken against law violators, crimnal elements, factory owners and its administrition, police, revenue elements, mining elements, enviromental elements, District Administrition.

2)- Legal Investigations & Actions to be taken against land grabing mafia in District Malir.

Jazakallah Khair


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