Justice For James Scott

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My son James Scott was arrested January 8, 2019. At the time of his arrest my son was getting ready for work the claim was that my son was allegedly involved in a crime that took place in Lake Forest,CA which is 81 miles away from Victorville, CA where we reside in November 2018. My son has never been to jail a day in his life nor has he ever been to juvenile hall. He is a first time father. His one and only daughter was was born October 19, 2017 sadly he was with her only 15 months of her life before he was arrested. My son is very athletic he was star football player on his high schools varsity team and at the time of his arrest he was in training with Jack Mosley father of World Champion Sugar Shane Mosley and had a $1,000,000 contract until a jealous person came into his life. We need answers we truly believe that he may have been set up because his dream was and still is to pursue his boxing career. Elevate to higher levels to be the man and father he knows he can be. Move his family to a much better place so that not only his daughter, but his two nieces and nephew can have a better chance at life and better education.He isn't taking any deals he wants to take it to trial so he can fight for his rights as well as his innocence. They are trying to railroad him telling him to take a deal which is 8 years and 3 strikes. The person we believe set him up was an employee of the establishment involved. Because he's never been in trouble he is very frustrated and overwhelmed. This whole ordeal is taking a toll on him he just wants justice and with the COVID-19 and everything else going on it's making it harder for him to adjust to a system he has no idea what's going on. Please help support my son and get the justice he deserves.