Abolish the intoxication plea

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The supreme Court of Ontario has ruled that defendants may plea not guilty as reason of intoxication.

In 2020 we are still putting the blame on the victim. We are still excusing rapists and violent outbursts for their actions. This is absolutely disturbing to think that this was passed in Ontario.

I myself was attacked by a man who was intoxicated. By saying this you are excusing his behaviour for the night I thought he was going to take my life. He isn't necessarily guilty because he was intoxicated? Tell me if someone is killed by a drunk driver, will he be able to plea that he was just so drunk he couldn't think rational so he's not guilty by reason of intoxication? 

No. Why? Because drinking and driving is illegal so yes he's going to get charged. Last time I check rape is illegal, assault is illegal and regardless of what type of condition the perpetrator is in it never excuses their actions, saying otherwise would be taking 5 steps back in women and human rights.


I beg and urge to sign this petition to show that we do NOT agree with this ruling. We do NOT agree that being intoxicated excuses illegal behavior.


Thank you.