COVID-19 economic assistance and better transparency in Nepal

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This petition is directed mainly toward the concerned authorities of Nepal. It aims to be an organic virtual movement that acts as a pressure group towards the Government of Nepal to ensure and safeguard the basic human rights, civil rights and essential needs of people of Nepal. While prioritising the importance of safety provided by a virtual movement, this petition seeks to advance the basic human needs warranted by a pandemic: one that the government has neglected through an utterly detestable display of nonchalant, reactive, myth-based decision-making during the past 3 months (81 days) of lockdown. Concerned by the sheer lack of accountability for such poor decision making, we want to ensure that the government is aware that the nation is scrutinising every move made and that corruptive, careless and baseless decisions will not be tolerated.

We hope to be joined by as many people as possible in this petition, a rather resilient virtual movement to maximize our voice when it reaches relevant executive and judicial bodies, so that the following actions needed are addressed immediately:

1.    Make the COVID-19 budget transparent to the public.

2.    Empty/ Vacant building preferably placed in the outskirt of the urban/ city area needs to be turned into quarantine facilities along with continuous monitoring and adopting precautionary measures.

3.    Migrant returnees should be provided with proper quarantine facilities (i.e. suitable location, provision of ventilation, basic functional requirements, monitoring of health and security of the migrants. A Standard Operative Procedure (SoP) should be designed and implemented in the facility.

4.    Quarantine facilities should ensure the dignity of life by providing essential and basic necessities like proper food, clean water, individual hygiene materials and provision of daily decontamination.

5.    Phase wise opening of business houses with proper guideline policies needs to be developed so that the safety of the employees and employers can be guaranteed.

6.    PCR Testing should be done as per guidelines of World Health Organization.

7.    PCR tests have to be mandated and mandatory.

8.    Small and accessible testing centers all around the country needs to be considered.

9.   Basic compensation, essential equipments and training needs to be provided to the frontline health workers.

10.  Government needs to provide allocation of resources [training and equipment] to competent and interested private parties.

11. Financial relief should be allocated to Small and Medium scale business houses to support them and to help them incur their losses.

12.Different types of policies and orders of the government during this prime time should be relaxed.

13.Essential services need to be sustained by the government in all rural and urban areas.


We urge all Nepalese living in the country and to the diaspora population to help us reach the government. Please sign the petition and help us wake the slumbering government. PLEASE KINDLY SIGN THE PETITION!