For Luna's right to live in her country, Argentina

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Luna is 2 years old. She was conceived and born in Buenos Aires, the city where—surrounding with love—she has been growing up. It is in this sociocultural context, this familial and emotional environment, that we had decided to form our family. But Luna’s father, who is French, has now launched action under international law: he wants to take her to Bordeaux to live in his sole custody. Although he claims that our home is there, the truth is we just visited, and only in order for his family to meet Luna.

The unjustness of this demand was understood by a judge of lower court; recognizing that Luna's home has always been here, he found against international restitution.

The Court of Appeals, on the other hand, granted the father's request. Using arguments to overturn the initial ruling that seem reminiscent of colonialism, three women judges also disregarded the clear opinion of the Ombudsman for the Minor: Luna's usual place of residence is Argentina.

We are currently facing execution of the decision taken by the Court of Appeal. We have petitioned the Supreme Court, a tribunal that may or may not offer us final legal recourse to reverse this unjust situation.

Should the court reject the petition, or were it to decide that Luna must go, she will find herself separated from the loved ones with whom she has shared and enjoyed life since birth.

We ask for your signature to help Luna stay in Argentina!

Thank you so much for your care and support!!!

PS: Luna is a pseudonym we use to protect her identity