Help be a part of ending child psychological abuse

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What would you do if your child was kidnapped? Anything and everything in your power regardless of cost or time Right?! Well, this is happening more often than you think, disguised and lost in our family courts as parental alienation.


Amongst all other judicial systems when one has been found innocent of accusation(s) the case(s) are expunged and all former rights are then reinstated without prejudice but yet in Family Court, your continued to be treated as a second-class citizen  regardless of your innocence. This petition is to ensure that the rights of individuals are fully restored.   


My Story

In 2004 I moved to New Arenal, Costa Rica from Simi Valley, California searching for a community that would support my dream to have a family in a safe and healthy environment. As such I was blessed with five baby girls Avril, Sarai, Kiara, Aliaa and Hailie. Sadly, I've had to say goodbye to my first two angels since they departed almost as quickly as they entered this world due to medical complications at delivery. A devastating loss and pain no parent should ever have to endure. However with time comes peace and the joy of three more beautiful daughters entered my world. Life in Arenal was good since I was able to work from home as sole financial supporter. I thought after the tragedy of the loss of our first two angel babies I wanted nothing more than to provide the opportunity for these three sisters to have the love and support of both parents. As any devoted parent desires to be an integral part of raising healthy, emotionally balanced children I provided time and opportunity for the girls to have regular contact with both parents. As is with many adult relationships things change, and in June 2015 I was tragically and unjustly chased from their lives and my home, creating a new and relentless pain I have come to carry.  I have now been pushed away and completely alienated from my three daughters’ lives, due to hateful retaliation to include elaborate false accusations ranging from drug dealing, to petty theft, to kidnapping and when all of that was confirmed as false the attacks did not stop.  Imagine being falsely accused of a range of sexual and mental abuses, not to mention, unsubstantiated violations of court orders for simply reaching out to others and providing positive support and comments for other parental alienation victims on social media. Like many others I've been found innocent in a court of law, yet I continue to wait for a hearing to have access to my daughters. How would any of you respond to being completely blocked from your son or daughter’s lives and milestones because you have to wait for “the process"? Innocent by all accounts and still fighting to be in my children’s lives as a "visitor"? Then maybe, just maybe regaining some of the parental rights stripped away by such slow processes and hateful ambivalence. This is not Justice or equality for the interest of anyone’s children. In hopes of continuing to work for the interest of my children and so many others that have fallen into this abyss I am presenting this proxy the judiciary system for continuous harassment, false testimony-perjury, parental alienation and blatant sexism or hate crimes. This kind of justice needs to be reformed in order to reinstitute human rights for present and future generations! 

Furthermore, any parent adhering to parental alienation and willing to take these types of extreme and unnecessary actions should be considered as red flags, after all what kind of person wants complete control not to see your own offspring unless of course there is something to hide.

 “If you’re going through hell, keep Going!”



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