Jamaica Supreme Court Reverse Dreadlocks Ruling

Jamaica Supreme Court Reverse Dreadlocks Ruling

August 1, 2020
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Supreme court of Jamaica and 2 others
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Started by Jamaica Live

Jamaica's Supreme Court Rules That School Can Ban Child With Dreadlocks.

We are asking the Jamaican Supreme Court to reverse it's ruling made on Friday July 31,2020.

The ruling by the Supreme Court of Jamaica capped a two-year battle after the girl — then 5 years old — was told she must cut her dreadlocks for "hygiene" reasons to study at Kensington Primary School in a Kingston. 

A rights group, Jamaicans for Justice, had initially lent support to the family, saying the order for the girl to cut her dreadlocks amounted a denial of her freedom of expression and her access to education.
Others viewed the court battle as a stand against rules seen as discrimination against people who wear "natural" hair, including Rastafarians whose dreadlocks are part of their religious tradition.

The girl and her parents, Dale and Sherine Virgo, who both wear dreadlocks, plan to appeal, said their lawyer, Isat Buchanan.

The Virgo family poses for a portrait in 2019. (Diallo Dixon)

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Signatures: 26Next Goal: 50
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