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Why just ban on sale of Firecrackers? Why not on Manufacturing, Buying and Bursting?

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A very Appreciable decision was made by Supreme Court of Banning Sale of Firecrackers in Delhi. According to several researches, the sale of Firecrackers has been reduced. Also the Pollution level went down increasing the AQI (Air Quality Index) this Diwali. Also High Court has banned sale of same in Mumbai. 

But why ban only of Sales of Firecrackers? Why not ban on Manufacturing, Buying or Bursting Firecrackers?

Though banning sale of Firecrackers, people have got there stock and bursting them up polluting the air and causing Lung Diseases like Asthma and Bronchitis in infants and senior citizens along with polluting our Mother Earth. In-spite of ban on sale, people are selling firecrackers and there is noise of Firecrackers all over Mumbai. People are burning fuel by driving miles to buy firecrackers.  

Before banning the sale, Manufacturing and buying of Firecrackers should be banned as they are the start and end point of chain.

Secondly why Supreme Court have banned the sale of Firecrackers only in Delhi and why not in rest of India? Why ban of sale only during Diwali and not during other occasions?

Should have totally banned sale all over India and bursting Firecrackers should be made illegal during all occasions. A special license should be provided to give permission to sale and burst firecrackers.

Hope this Petition reaches to Law of Court and administrator of Government and suitable action to be taken for well being of young generation of India.

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