We, the citizen of India, do not want, or need Adhaar

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In response to a recent RTI, the UIDAI has said that Adhaar is not unique identification. During several debates, the BJP spokespersons, in response to Faye D'Souza's questions, could not convincingly give any use for the Adhaar cards.

There have been so many leaks and scams already. Data can be bought and sold. There is fear that citizens may be profiled or targetted. There is also fear of creating a police state. There have been deaths caused due to hunger because of adhaar card not having been made or the fingerprints not matching and people not getting their rations. The rest of us, do not want these so called benefits, that the govt. Is going on about.

We need a revolution. We don't just need fingers behind computer and smartphone screens. We need to speak up. We need this to reach the Supreme Court before it passes judgement. We need to let them know that we do not need or want Adhaar. Please sign. Do it for yourself. Do it before it is too late. Do it, because this is irreversible damage. Please sign and those with connections, please let the petitione's lawyers read this and present people's will to the court.