Stricter measures to reduce Criminal offences.

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I wonder if we’ve ever thought as to why the Crimes in India are only increasing? According to what my thoughts perceive, the problem lies in how our Punishment system works and how police deals with criminals;esp with habitual criminals and criminals with powerful connections.

The problem is that why we set them free on parole or whatever even after knowing that they’ve been involved in multiple crimes before and going out only to commit another. So what is the very reason to allow them to roam around and hurt other innocent and civilised humans. 

There should be devised a better penal system which does not include such Freebies to instinctive and habitual criminals. And police officers should be transferred frequently to minimise chances of collusion between some corrupt police officials and criminals. 

Lets take a pledge to make a Safer India a Happier India. �� 

Thank You.