Stop move to make Assamese people Homeless & Stateless

I am signing this because its a humanitarian problem with regard to their fundamental right to survive and exist. No human being in this world should be devoid of their basicfundamental right to surviveand exist and earn through rightful means. Just imagine 40 lakh people of different religions, caste, communities and creed livingin Assam for decades have been left out of the NRC just because they are illeterate and have nomeans to prove themselves as genuine citizens despite the hard fact that thousands of them have their names in electoral rolls. I believe that humanity comes first than anything else and moreover even if they are foreigners Bangladesh has already refused to accept them and there have been no rejoinder from the Indian side. The crux of this trivial and complex issue is if merely 50 thousand Rohibgyas' are not being externed or reatriated how would the 40 lakh people be thrown out? Has anybody the answer to this question ? Hope many would agree with me. The main point is how and why are theinfiterators or migrants allowed to enter Indian territories, and if they come and stay for decades multiplying their numbers even after participating in several elections as voters, electing peoples' representative, after five decades how can they be called foreigners. An even if they are can the system really thrown them out in such a large numbers that include malnourished poor people, women, children and old aged devoid of all basic necessities like fod, clothing, health and education?

Sunil Negi, Delhi, India
3 years ago
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