Stop media channels/news papers from disclosing the religion of the culprits or the victim

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In these recent months we have seen a lot child molestation/rape cases happening all across the country. These cases are being reported by the media in a way, which promotes communal division in the country.

The people demanding justice for Asifa, but Unnao victim is left to suffer. The only reason seems to be their religious beliefs. Should only one community get justice for the crimes committed on them by the other. Should victims from one community be ignored as if they are not important. A crime is a crime and the justice shall be same for the same crime, independent of the victim/culprits caste, color or religion.

If we want communal harmony in India, we need to see crime as a crime and not a way to create differences between the people. We all are. Citizens of India and we shall be served equal justice irrespective of our caste, creed, color or religion.

I request all my fellow citizens of India to support this petition, so that we can eliminate the communal differences being propagated in the society. Please sign this petition and let's ask the people representatives and the higher court to make strict laws to stop media sources from creating differences among people.