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Stop extending special previleges to minor rapists!

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Someone who rapes a child or a woman cannot be judged as a minor. The crime committed here is henious and scars the victim for life. In case of a child it has even deeper and darker consequences! Due to the recent cases, these perpetrator now know that a juvenile can be treated specially and can avoid some of the harsher sentences. This has led to the accused and his family using this system to their advantage. This reeks of a criminal mentality. These men will serve easy sentences and they walk around scott free, looking for more victims. Rape has become a plague in our society, not even infants are being spared by the sadistic men who commit these crimes. The only way to purge the society of this menace is to ensure that every rapist is held and tried on the same foot by our law. No special treatment and courts for minors if they have raped. Rape does not only hurt and humiliate a person physically, it last everlasting psychological and social trauma associated with it! Committing rape should be held as a more serious crime than murder itself! OUr women and children deserve to have a safe society! Lets not deny them their right!

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